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Perform Namami’s team of industry experts and practice management consultants will give you all the tools and strategies you need to take control of your practice, your patients, your staff, and your revenue.  

We understand that no two offices are alike. We do not offer generic, one-size-fits-all "business management solutions." This is what makes us different. We focus on building a relationship with you, allowing us to design highly personalized and custom-tailored operational solutions that fit your individual business needs.

We specialize in:

  • Increasing patient satisfaction, retention, and referrals
  • Setting and meeting measurable revenue and growth targets  
  • Developing digital marketing solutions designed to promote your business effectively through social media and email campaigns
  • Website optimization, SEO, mobile targeting, email funnels, and more to attract new clients

  • Recruiting, hiring, transitioning, and managing talented office and clinical staff 
  • Improved administrative and front desk efficiencies and best-practices 
  • Billing and eligibility, as well as revenue and financial control
  • Offering non-biased and experienced support to navigate and solve constantly-changing industry dynamics and challenges 


Watch how we increase your patients to whole new levels in just a few months.

Our team has dozens and dozens of success stories of how we successfully empower you and your team members to be conscious of your behavior and accountable to a system. We will work to refine your best practices and implement replicable solutions so you can operate at optimum levels. Coupled with our marketing and website assistance, you'll soon be experiencing less stress and higher profits. 



Billing. Eligibility. Front Desk Staff. Marketing.

With an innovative and highly supportive coaching platform, a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers every aspect of your outreach, and transparent billing and eligibility services, we provide frustrated and hard-working owners a powerful way forward with new perspectives on how to solve problems we have solved many times before.  


Keep your internal team focused on superior patient experience for repeat business and enhanced word of mouth. We can help with the rest.

As the owner of a busy medical practice, seeing patients, managing your staff, billing insurances, and doing marketing outreach to continue expanding your business can quickly become overwhelming and have a negative impact on your patient care, quality of your practice, and quality of your life! Our specialized team will work with you to implement proven systems and strategies that allow you to spend less time running the business, and more time focusing on you and your patient care!

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