The People Part of Digital Transformation 

 Digital Transformation Starts with People 

While technology is critical to success, it’s really all about “human transformation” – creating a culture of organizational change that brings people together for a common cause. 

It’s about much more than purchasing the latest technology and plugging it in. 

For those who are unprepared for the “people part” of Digital Transformation, the challenges and results could be devastating.  

~ Forbes reported that more than 80 percent of Digital Transformations failed as a result of neglecting the “people” side of the business. ~ 

Some areas to consider:

  • Aligning purpose, goals, vision, and behaviors 
  • Organizational readiness and acceptance of quantum change  
  • Creating high-performing training  
  • Communication, Communication, Communication  
  • Managing the C-suite’s expectations  

Third Level supports the “people” part of Digital Transformation working with your teams of experts to deliver transformational change. It is a massive undertaking and HR is vital to the success. 

We have supported organizations of all sizes through this disruptive change, delivering transformational business results. Third Level is the perfect partner to help you bring your organization to its next level of digital transformation success.

Leadership happens at all levels. Third Level can help these employees reach their potential as the Digital Transformation moves forward.  

We do so by providing customized solutions that include:  

  • Team-building
  • Professional Coaching
  • EQ 360s
  • Leadership Training 

If you are experiencing major change within your organization where people's jobs are shifting, and new teams are being formed, there is bound to be some conflict and confusion leading to decreased productivity.  

Third Level can pull your teams together, align your organization and create a high performing culture. 

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